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Freedom Party wants to punish campers in Vienna

The Freedom Party has enough of a group of campers who wants to lead their life in motor caravans on brownfields in Vienna. Politicans of the Freedom Party think that the government of Vienna should show strength and stop to treat those campers with kid gloves. “They are a group of anarchists”, is written in the latest press release of the Freedom Party.

The Freedom Party continues: “Those scroungers continue their mooch tour through Vienna and always stay at illegal places. They get financial support from the Socialdemocrats and the Green party which is taken from the tax pot, and even demand a 1.000 square meters parcel of land for free.”

The critics of the Freedom Party talk about an attitude of weak knees by the Socialdemocratic government of Vienna. The Freedom Party wants to see the campers emigrating to Germany. Reason: the campers said that their fellows in Germany have much better opportunities as they have in Vienna.

Mandataries of the Freedom Party don’t want to offer “better opportunities”. They end their press release with statements that campers are annoying, don’t respect the law, and that the government should punish their illegal hustle and bustle. “We must teach them that they are not above the law”, confirms one Freedom Party politican.

3 Kommentare zu “Freedom Party wants to punish campers in Vienna”

  1. replica jersey

    “We must teach them that they are not above the law” I completely with this.Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.

  2. think

    the party is against them because they don’t buy apartements and money don’t get to the pocket of freedom party…just think a bit,it’s logic.the campers are not annoying,if they do something not good then i’m sure if you explain this to them they will understand it,you have to see the truth not what parties or what newspapers say.The campers just wanna live free but seems people are against it.If they make problems why don’t you colaborate with them instead of renegate them?
    And ““We must teach them that they are not above the law””” if the law is dumb,then i don’t want to be dumb
    If the law is wise then ye I agree with it.
    This is how a normal brain thinks,and if the Freedom Party makes abuse of power and rushes people away instead of offering them shelter then this is no Freedom party,it fools people using the word “freedom”,but if you are an educated person you can look up in the dictionary for the meaning
    And anybody who is an anarchist must be chased away?Have you ever consider why they are “anarchists”?maybe bad leadership made them sick and now they are vomiting the shit bad leading put them through

  3. Saskia

    @think: Think about something else: If we don’t do anything against those campers, other people might follow their example and then we’d have a problem. We can’t let it get this far.

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