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Carinthian election campaign slogans in Vorarlberg

Amazement and amusement in Austrias most western province Vorarlberg about the election posters of the Orange party called “BZÖ” for the state election.

“We care about your Carinthia” is written in big letters on an dark orange background. This slogan was already used during the last state election in Carinthia. Now the same slogan should bring some votes in Vorarlberg as well? It seems someone forgot to change “Carinthia” in “Vorarlberg”.

More than 30 of those posters were already counted. So it’s not just one mistake. It seems to be a comprehensive planned campaign.

The boss of the BZÖ in Vorarlberg does not see “his” message for the state election as a faux pas. “There are 20.000 people with Carinthian roots living in Vorarlberg”, he told to the press. Anyway, misfortune or not, but this story is a good laugh in all of Austrias internet forums today.

Photographer: Vinicius Tupinamba | Agency:

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