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Bed and breakfast in Austria with glorious business

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. As hotels are worrying about dramatically decreasing over night stays, bed and breakfast guesthouses are booked out as never before.

Also the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports about a “rebirth of the bed and breakfast guesthouse” in Austria. Experts were wrong in the past times when they claimed more luxury hotels in Austria. It was told that “nobody needs bed and breakfast guesthouses anymore” and that “luxury hotels are the future.”

Now those much lauded luxury hotels are empty and bed and breakfast inns are totally crowded. The economic crisis makes it possible. People don’t want to miss their holiday and choose the cheaper version.

One bed and breakfast operator from Obertraun confirms the new development. He is booked out until the end of September. The benefit of a bed and breakfast guesthouse is its unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Tourism experts, who were already wrong that Austria needs more luxury hotels, seems to be quite disappointed and upset. The spokesman of the institure for leisure and tourism research says: “Bed and breakfast inns are bad for our tourism because there is not such a good service as in hotels. The foundation stone of the tourism is and always will be the hotel.”

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