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Austrians think that living in Austria was better 40 years ago

A new survey of the opinion research institute “IMAS” revealed that Austrians think living in Austria was better 40 years ago. There was not such a criminality as today, and nobody had to fear the security of his pension plan.

70 percent of the interviewed persons moan about the high criminality in Austria. 59 percent believe that working was easier and more pleasant and there was no discussion about the pension plan as well. 58 percent worry about the increasing divorces and loose morals.

Every second Austrian believes that immigration displaces the Austrian way of life which leads to a fall in value and a renunciation from religion and faith.

But not all Austrians think that everything was better 40 years ago. 30 percent see an increase in social security, more social equity, and more rights to a say for the citizens. Even 11 percent believe that there is more helpfulness today. Only 8 percent have the opinion that Austria became more beautiful because of immigration.

4 Kommentare zu “Austrians think that living in Austria was better 40 years ago”

  1. replica jersey

    Congrats to Austrians.

  2. Fritz Leutgeb

    I used to love to go back to Austria.It is not the same anymore.Crime is visible, special in Vienna

  3. Otto Wagner

    Fritz is right. Unfortunately I see that the crime is getting higher and higher in Austria, especially in Vienna. There are many immigrants, most of them are living here in a groups and are working illegally here. These people are especially from Hungary, Romania, Serbia. Nowdays I can see gypsies on Schwedenplatz, Mariahilfer Strasse asking for money or stealing what they can. These gypsies are from Hungary and Romania, it’s good to be careful with them. I am just worried about Austrians, that they have no experience with this kind of people and that could be a problem. I would not open the job market for any Eastern-European country and also I would like to see two times more police guys on the streets, especially on the common places.

  4. Saskia

    Otto, I totally agree with you!

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