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Dissatisfaction of employees in Austrian tourism industry increases

The mounting pressure and an higher unemployment cause an increase of dissatisfaction in the Austrian tourism industry. The first time since many years the employment figures in Austrias tourism decrease.

Economy scientist Kai Biehl explains: “The economic crisis has reached the tourism.” In general the satisfaction of employees in gastronomy and hotel business is lower than in other industries. But this year the already low satisfaction still decreases. Five index points less as in 2008.

15 percent of the employees in the Austrian tourism have problems to surivive with their salary. The crisis even tightens the bad situation. “The happiness of life sinks down to a level like never before”, explains the chairman of the labor union Rudolf Kaske.

On the peak of the holiday season almost 24.500 unemployed people were counted in the tourism. This is one fifth more as in 2008. Also the working atmosphere becomes more rough and the nervousness increases.

50 percent of the employees in the Austrian tourism only survive because they receive financial support from the goverment, their partners, or their parents. Many of them think about to change the branch of industry, reveales the latest survey. It’s just natural that the suggestion of the president of Austrias Federal Economic Chamber Christoph Leitl, that unemployed teenagers should work in the tourism industry by force, only reaps a worn-out smile.

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