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Police shot 14-year-old burglar. Strache: stop agitation against police!

After the deadly shots in a Lower Austrian supermarket at a 14-year-old burglar by a policeman and woman, a passionate discussion occurred if the police officers used their guns too early or even without a reason. The leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, can’t hear it anymore.

He demands to stop the discussion and agitation against the police. “The police acted absolutely correct “, he confirms in a press release. Also Freedom Party general secretary Harald Vilimksy has the same opinion. He also wants to see an end of the discussion if the police officers did the right thing or not.

Strache: “Of course it’s regrettable that the 14-year-old burglar lost his life during the official act, but it’s a fact that she should not be in the supermarket so late in the night without the knowledge of his parents. We must clear all possible circumstances in extensive investigations.”

Strache continues: “It’s not the concern of politicans to criticize the police in such a case. The police is exposed on a barrage by the medias and a totally excessive prejudgment. Police officers should have the full support of their country and its representatives.”

8 Kommentare zu “Police shot 14-year-old burglar. Strache: stop agitation against police!”

  1. Rob D.L.

    When I read the comments made by Strache I only hope that the people of Carinthia will start to realize this man is a relic of the past. The man is pathetic. Mr.Strache does not speak for the many good people of Carinthia that I know, and I hope this hate filled political demagogue will fade from the political scene.; this would be better for everyone, especially Carinthia.

  2. Johnny M.

    Why Carinthia? Strache wants to become the mayor of Vienna.

  3. Rob D.L

    REPLY TO JOHNNY M:….Many people familiar with Austria sometimes associate these extreme right wing political figures with the place they are admired the most, the province of Carinthia. Also, I erroneously still link Strache to Haider, a man who made his name primarily in Carinthia, without realizing that Strache is running for office in Vienna. I stand corrected. But I’m sure my point was made nonetheless.

  4. Chris Mason

    Coming from a mixed background of half British half Austrian stock, I have benefitted from living in both countries. If Austrians had any sense they should be welcoming Strache views and opinions with open arms.
    In the past ten years I have seen the UK go downhill at an unprecedentated rate, immigration and islam has caused so many problems, by comparison Austria is about 10 years behind in terms of the problems they have to the UK.
    Already the austrian government made a fatal mistake in allowing social housing to be provided to refugee’s, asylum seekers. When that happened in the UK, our immigration numbers skyrocketed, because they realised they can get a free house, the same will happen in Austria.

    Austria has the opportunity to make the right choices now to the protect their culture and people and the great and beautiful country that it is. Or if you dont care, support the socialists and kiss your country goodbye!

  5. Rob D.L.

    Chris Mason would be advised to look into his dictionary and read the definition of what a demagogue is. You over simplify the problems of the UK and Austria by using an argument that is by no means a new one. A tired worn out attack fueled by hate and a prejudice of others. If you eliminate fairness and decency, the very ideals that gave birth to a prosperous EU/USA in the fist place, then the deterioration of a culture/country will happen without indiscriminate finger pointing in the direction of societies easiest of targets!

    I have traveled to Austria no less than 18 times since 1992. I am an American. My ancestors come from Italy over 100 years ago. So, I tend to look more Italian than anything else. Since the immigration hysteria has gained momentum over the last few years I have been stopped by the police 3 TIMES because I don’t “look Austrian”!! This has never happened to me before in Austria the first several years I have been there. I spend much money in Austria when I am there, my father was a military police officer in Salzburg in 1945, and I have cultivated many relationships within that country. Do I deserve to be stopped by the police REPEATEDLY because of how I look?! Is this your idea of “preserving Austria”?! Is this the by-product of your support for Strache?! Are you getting the idea Chris?

  6. tsc

    Rob! amo moltissimo l’America repubblicana quella che tiene alle sue radici,ma che nello stesso tempo liberalizza..anche se il libero mercato puro è ingiusto..
    Ma capisco anche l’Austria e la amo!!
    L’Austria è come l’Italia deve difendere la sua identità!
    Non permetterei mai che l’Italia diventasse una colonia musulmana o un feudo russo!

  7. ohmygood!!!!!

    he was a kid!probably didn’t even realised what he was doing,and even if he was 43 years old no one had the right to take his life!people steal from different reasons!we must show them that it’s not good to steal not to hurt them!
    oh my goood!
    only mean people or people with no brain can say that the policeman was right!this is the education they get in police academy?!who is the head of the police academy?!what does he has to say?!this is the attitude they teach them there?!i don’t want to live in austria if they give guns to uneducated people!

  8. tsc

    Gli errori possono capitare,ma la polizia non deve essere denigrata

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