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Police shot 14-year-old burglar. Strache: stop agitation against police!

After the deadly shots in a Lower Austrian supermarket at a 14-year-old burglar by a policeman and woman, a passionate discussion occurred if the police officers used their guns too early or even without a reason. The leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, can’t hear it anymore.

He demands to stop the discussion and agitation against the police. “The police acted absolutely correct “, he confirms in a press release. Also Freedom Party general secretary Harald Vilimksy has the same opinion. He also wants to see an end of the discussion if the police officers did the right thing or not.

Strache: “Of course it’s regrettable that the 14-year-old burglar lost his life during the official act, but it’s a fact that she should not be in the supermarket so late in the night without the knowledge of his parents. We must clear all possible circumstances in extensive investigations.”

Strache continues: “It’s not the concern of politicans to criticize the police in such a case. The police is exposed on a barrage by the medias and a totally excessive prejudgment. Police officers should have the full support of their country and its representatives.”

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