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Jörg Haider exhibition cause raised tempers by Greens

Raised tempers by the Green party cause an exhibition about the former minister president of Carinthia Jörg Haider, in the provincial capital Klagenfurt. Members of the Green party are far from pleased about this new event. They talk about a “surreptitious decision of the town senate” and an “impermissible relics worship.”

85.000 Euro for the exhibition were taken from the budget as “redeployment of funds for culture”. The Greens claim that such an ornate term was only used to spoof the town senate. Also the place of the exhibition, a bunker, is the Greens a thorn in their flesh. This bunker was also used by the Nationalsocialists during the second world war.

The Carinthian Green politican Evelyn Schmid-Tarmann thinks that the glorification and mystification of the former Nazibunker as pilgrimage site is impermissible.

The consultant of culture in Klagenfurt, Albert Gunzer, has different views. “It was the wish of the majority of the people to make an exhibition about Jörg Haider”, he explained, and told that people came to him and demanded such event almost every day. “The people of Carinthia wanted this exhibition”, he confirmed. Gunzer also said that the choice of the place for the exhibition has nothing to do with the Nationalsocialism.

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