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Vorarlberg: Young Socialdemocrats worship Lenin

The election campaign for the state election on the 20th September in Vorarlberg already causes some irritations and disagreements in Vorarlbergs political scenery. Reason is a brochure of the Socialist Youth with the picture of Lenin. Lenin was the originator of communism and founder of the Sovietunion.

The controversial brochure also touts for an event with the title “Back in the USSR”. Members of Vorarlbergs Socialdemocratic Party see no problem to contemplate with a totalitarian regime, and don’t understand the uproar. “Lenin was not Stalin”, was their comment to the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

The party “Back in the USSR” was officially hosted by the Socialist Youth. Their chairman believes that Lenin was only superficially a person of terror. “The October Revolution in Russia must be seen under its particulars”, he explains, and adds that he would be happy if the Socialdemocratic Party would return to its Marxist roots.

The boss of Vorarlbergs Socialdemocrats declared through his management that the picture of Lenin in this brochure was “not good”, and the official party has nothing to do with it.

Anger and disgust prevail by the political opponents. The party whip of the Peoples Party said that it’s an “outrageous lapse” to make advertising with a person who was responsible for the killing of many thousand humans. “Tasteless and embarrassing”, was the comment of the spokesman of the Orange party “BZÖ”. The youth spokesman of the Freedom said that the brochure is an “atrociousness” and a “declaration of bankruptcy for any democratic politican.”

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