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State election in Upper Austria 2009

Upper Austrias state election on the 27th September 2009 reveals its first election campaign placards. Socialdemocrats, Peoples Party and the Freedom Party already started with their election campaign. The Greens, BZÖ, KPÖ and all the other small parties are still silent and invisible.

Interesting to take a closer look on the election campaign concepts of the three parties, who already promote their election accession. The sitting minister president of Upper Austria, Josef Pühringer from the Peoples Party, presents himself as melancholic dreamer in a beautiful scenery. “Vote for him, because he loves Upper Austria”, is the message of the Peoples Party poster for Upper Austrias state election in 2009.

The toughest challenger for the Peoples Party, the Socialdemocrats, have a totally different concept how to win the hearts and the votes of the Upper Austrians. Socialdemocrats surprise with even three different election posters, and bet on topics instead of emotions like the Peoples Party.

The first election poster was made for the pensioners. They should enjoy “secure pensions”. The second one should respond to young mothers. They should receive the best child care. Election poster number three was made for the workers. It shows a male worker and the message that “he is working hard” and the promise that “the Socialdemocrats will fight for every single job”.

The Freedom Party wants to inspire the voters with rimes again. “Starker Mittelstand fürs Heimatland”, which means “Strong middle class for the home country.” A squishy statement without specific promises. All those election posters can be seen on the website Please click the link below, if you are interested.

– link: Politics in Austria

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