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Weird election campaign in Vienna: dispute about sand in public sandpits

The election in Vienna foreshadows its quandary. Politicans have to get active and dissociate themselfes from their political opponents. A very bizarre quarrel occurred now about the sand of public sandpits in Vienna.

Viennas Peoples Party had the commendable idea to clean public sandpits from dirt and garbage. Even new sand was ordered to make the children of Vienna happy. This was already too much for the reigning Socialdemocrats. “The new sand of the Peoples Party is illegal”, was their first reaction.

The Socialdemocrats demand a careful inspection if the sand of the Peoples Party complies all their important quality criteria. In addition to it the sand of all public sandpits in Vienna is going to be renewed every year anyway. Therefore the campaign of the Peoples Party seems to be unnecessary, in the view of the Socialdemocrats.

Of course the Peoples Party sees the situation a bit different. Their blame to the Socialdemocrars: public sandpits are full of rubbish. Viennas government does not care about it. The playing children are threatened by broken beer bottles, dog dirt, and even used injections from drug users.

At least both parties agree in the opinion that broken beer bottles, dog dirt, and even used injections from drug users should not be in public sandpits which were built for children.

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