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Devastations after heavy storm in Austria

After the unbearable heat of the past days, heavy storms left a trace of devastations behind in most parts of Austria last night. Especially the provinces of Salzburg, Upper and Lower Austria, as well as Vienna were affected.

The storm caused damage in a not yet assessable dimension. Wind gusts, storm rainfall, and hailstorm kept thousands of firefighters busy. Streets had to be cleared, houses provisional covered, and cellars freed from water. Some hailstones even perforated rooftops and destroyed windows. Trees were disrooted.

In the province of Salzburg a lightning was the reason of a forest fire. Fire fighters were able to erase the fire after four hours. In Upper Austria many underpasses were flooded. 4.000 firefighters of 250 fire brigades were in action in Uppper Austria. The storm moved on to Lower Austria and Austrias capital Vienna. The clearing works lasted until the early morning hours.

Ein Kommentar zu “Devastations after heavy storm in Austria”

  1. Joseph Kretschmer

    Here in Indiana in USA we had a similar incident recently. The weather being very hot (over 100 F for the last week each day) we had a big storm with 90 mph winds that deprived us of power for a week in some cases. Very little rain came with the storm. So if you got some rain with your storm, be thankful. I know Salzburg doesn’t usually have this problem of no rain! It is also rare for us in Indiana which is very flat terrain.

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