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Blasphemy in Vienna

Freedom party politican Werner Neubauer is upset about blasphemous city lights advertisments in Austrias capital. “There is no God!” is written on those advertisments. The advertising spaces are operated and hired out by a company called “GEWISTA”.

Neubauer claims that this company used the help of the Socialdemocrats to gain a monopoly position for the billboard advertising in Vienna. Several times the company was blamed in audit court control boards because of its close relationship to the Socialdemocratic party.

The worried politican thinks that it’s already normal that the Catholic church in Austria can be the target of sneer without any consequences for the mocker. He also reminds on the antireligious actions of the artist Hermann Nitsch, and the anti-pope protests during the last election of the official representation of university students.

The Freedom party member is sure that such kind of advertisment won’t promote the integration of muslims in Austria. “One day even muslims will notice that this gibed God could also be their Allah. Then we are going to have serious problems”, confirmed Neubauer in his press release.

Ein Kommentar zu “Blasphemy in Vienna”

  1. Gerhard

    if there would be no god who would have creadet the first thing?
    God is a spirit and you can not see which doues not mean it does not exist. as you can not see the wind blowing but you can feel AMEN

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