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Young policemen don’t want to work in Vienna

The capital of Austria has a problem to receive new police forces. Many young policemen don’t want to work in Vienna, and prefer to do their duty in the province.

The reason is simple. Being a policeman in Vienna is more stressful and dangerous as in the province. But the situation for the director of the security academy is not easy. He sees massive problems for the future if this situation is going to continue.

Even those policemen who already do their job in Vienna want to leave their place, and dream about an office outside of Vienna. Now young people are needed who are sure that they will stay and do their duty in Austrias capital, reports the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation on its website. Those people have the best chances to be taken for the next police schooling.

455 new policemen are needed and can be taken in Vienna this year. 250 of them are already in education at the moment.

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