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Tirol: carpenter wants to become brothel operator

The website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports about a carptenter from Tirol, who wants to become a brothel operator. His only problem are those mayors in Tirols little villages and towns, who are not very excited about his idea. The reason why to change the profession is not known. Maybe the work as carpenter turned out to be too boring, or he expects to earn more money as brothel operator.

The carpenter already asked in the village of Scheffau and the town of Kitzbühel. In both places the wish of the young man to open a brothel was declined. Now he wants to try it in “Going am Wilden Kaiser”. A village close to Kitzbühel with 1.900 inhabitants.

The leadership of the village is quite puzzled about the unusual request. It happens not every day that someone wants to open a brothel in their village. First the mayor of Going am Wilden Kaiser wants to verify the building law and the regional policy before he makes a decision.

The mayor explains that the main question is if a brothel is a business establishment or not. Another important question is if a brothel on a trade lot needs a special inscription in the zoning plan. An inquiry for the demand of a brothel should help the leadership of the village to make the right decision. An advisory opinion was commissioned.

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