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Austria wants to have more homosexual tourists

According to an article in Austrias daily newspaper called “Die Presse”, Austria wants to be a more attractive holiday destination for homosexual tourists. Homosexuals love to travel and spend a lot of money during their trips. Much more money than heterosexuals.

The beginning made Austrias most southern province Carinthia. Last year a festival for homoxexuals called “Pink Lake Festival” was hosted on the famous Lake W√∂rthersee. The festival lasted 4 days and brought 2.500 extra over night stays, and 250.000 Euro net product.

Isabella Rauter from “Carinthia Advertising” said that such kind of tourism is something new for Austria. But homosexuals are financially strong and independent. A very attractive target group. This year Isabella Rauter expects an increase on homosexual tourists of 20 percent.

Market researchers know that homosexuals travel more often and prefer luxury holidays. They usually choose short city trips and spend more money than other guests. Vienna is the seventh most popular holiday destinations of homosexuals in Europe. Now Austria wants to have more of those tourists. Vienna and Salzburg have certain information sites for homosexual holiday makers. Even the first hotels for homosexuals opened. 30 percent of the homosexual travellers go to five star hotels. 29 percent spend more than 100 Euro every day.

Lesbians are not that interesting for Austrias tourism industry. They have not so much money as homosexual men, and barely included in certain statistics.

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