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Educational spokeswoman of Peoples Party: abolish school grades!

The educational spokeswoman of the Peoples Party, Bernadette Mennel, had a great idea how to get the full attention of the Austrian medias. She demands the abolishment of school grades in Austria.

Mennel thinks that it’s much better if teachers give out alternative assessments. Now she waits excited for the first results of a pilot experiment. Afterwards she wants to talk with school partners about further steps.

The educational spokeswoman of the Peoples Party thinks that the burden of slow learners in the current school system is unjustifiable high. The main question is if the school report is an unnecessary torture, was also written in an articel of a big Austrian news website today.

Comments in one of Austrias biggest internet forums were not so excited about the idea to abolish school grades and school reports. Some users even declared in their comments that Bernadette Mennel should join the Green party with such an idea.

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