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Eat and drink in Viennas public means of transport

The public transport operators of Vienna have decided not to ban eating and drinking passengers from their transportations. “We as a service company have not the right to fight social standards”, said the “Wiener Linien” manager Michael Lichtenegger.

It’s allowed to eat and drink, but a voluntary renunciation would be highly appreciated, he confirms, and adds that a “consideration for humans, environment, and surroundings should be achieved.”

Viennas public transport operators promise to start a comprehensive information campaign about “eating and drinking in in public means of transport.” Also the cleanliness and thoughtful behavior should be discussed.

Another fact is that a lot of catering and trading enterprises have their locations close to underground stations and traffic hubs. This is an economic factor which create jobs. It’s already a social standard to eat breakfast or enjoy the lunch by the way. “We can’t stop this trend”, confirms the manager of Viennas public means of transport.

Ein Kommentar zu “Eat and drink in Viennas public means of transport”

  1. Arthur

    Not bad! I don’t mind other passengers eating as long as they are not littering. And they should obviously have manners, too!

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