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Police of Vienna spread notepads

The police of Vienna has a new concept how to create a bigger feeling of security for the Viennese population. Policemen on patrol (beat constable) are going to spread notepads with messages on doors and cars.

The Viennese citizen reads messages like “We were here – the police” or “For your security on the move – the police” and should feel more secure. The new security concept of Vienna was introduced yesterday by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” in the internet. It seems this is serious, and no crazy idea of a performance artist.

Malicious tongues claim that this is the first influence of the postmen who should work as policemen now. 1.200 of them should be retrained and extend Austrias police forces.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation informs that policemen should also prove their presence on the street this way. The state police commander of Vienna confirms that those notepads are very important to have contact with the people, and to increase their feeling of security.

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