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Ursula Haubner (Orange Party BZÖ) demands more money for children

The sister of Jörg Haider and politican of Austrias orange party called “BZÖ”, Ursula Haubner, demands more money and support for children. Reason: soon there are state elections in Upper Austria, and she is the prime candidate of her party.

Haubner thinks that there are increasing numbers of children in Austria who has to live under welfare conditions, and that such a improprietous development must be stopped. The sister of Jörg Haider reminds that the children are our “most precious possession”.

She plans to increase the children tax allowance up to 1.000 Euro in a year. “These are 80 to 85 Euro in one month”, she adds and claims that such a decision would be a noticeable relief for the Austrian families.

Haubner also wants to offer more possibilities in education, and demands a mandatory year in the kindergarten.

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