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Vienna: capital of burglars and thieves?

Harsh words come from the politican of the Freedom Party known as “David Lasar”, who is also a member of state parliament. He thinks that Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, but also the capital of burglars and thieves.

The reason for such a disastrous balance can be found in the Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl, confirms the politican of the Freedom Party. The controversial mayor prefers to organize senseless signature campaigns instead to reduce the crime in Austrias capital effectively, criticizes Mr. Lasar.

Freedom Party politican David Lasar thinks that the safety concept of Viennas Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl leads into the criminal doom of the popular holiday destination.

78.000 property offences were counted in the past 6 months. In the last 3 months the increases of crimes in Vienna amounts even 48 percent. “It’s ridiculous to think it’s possible to solve such problems by going to pubs and restaurants and talk to people there”, says the man of the Freedom Party. “But the peak of laughableness is a signature campaigns for 1.000 policemen in Vienna”, scoffs the politican.

Lasar thinks that signature campaigns won’t prevent one single crime, and that Viennas mayor is totally overchallenged with the critical situation. The politican of the Freedom Party keeps silent about the new plans of the interior ministry that 1.200 postmen should become policemen.

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