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Austrian postmen should become policemen

Austrias civil servant minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek from the Socialdemocrats has a brillant idea how to remove the lack of policemen in Austria. Yesterday she has presented he plans to the public: 1.200 postmen should become policemen.

Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek thinks that skillful postmen can help the Austrian police with valuable assistance. Her detailed plans are still a well-protected secret. She wants to present them first to the financial minister Josef Pröll from the Peoples Party.

Interior Minister Maria Fekter is delighted about the new plans of her coalition partner. “It’s a positive idea”, was her first statement in the medias. A task force of the interior ministry was created and is ready to make a plan how this project is possible to become reality.

Already last year in November the former boss of the Telekom Austria said in a newspaper interview that his employees have the power to work for the police. Reason for such a comment was his desire to get rid of many redundant employees in his enterprise.

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