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Innsbruck: arrested because of blue and scuffed clothes

A group of actors was arrested by the police in a forest of Innsbruck because they wore blue and scuffed clothes. The actors gave a performance within the event called “dancing and hiking.”

As the event was already over, the victims of the police had no witnesses to prove that they are harmless. All visitors of the performance were gone. The police thought the people in those blue and old clothes are evil terrorists who are preparing an assault. The boss of the actors said that one policeman passed through his radio equipment that “there are several persons with wiggy clothes in the forest.”

It took more than one hour until the police was able to clarify the misunderstanding. Quad evidences in form of many telephone calls and calendar of events convinced the policemen that those actors were no terrorists. They were allowed to enjoy freedom again. There was absolutely no danger for Tirols provincial capital of Innsbruck.

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