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Summer holiday in Tirol

Austrias federal state of Tirol is preparing for the summer holiday season. Tourism experts predict a difficult situation. The international financial crisis should decrease the number of holidaymakers.

But Tirol is still relaxed. Reason: the past winter season was the second best in Tirols history ever. The holiday and tourism managers of Tirol are very motivated. Additional inducements and attractions should make this years summer to an unforgetable season for the tourism of Tirol.

More advertisments and an attractive price-performance ratio is the golden key to a successful result. Also the permanent investment into Tirols infrastructure is an important part of the whole picture. “We don’t fear the financial crisis”, says one of Tirols hotel operators.

Even the minister president of Tirol, who is also the tourism consultant, is very optimistic. He claims that “Image communication is no daily business.” The minister president continues: “Tourism is too important for us to make experiments. We are going to continue our path of creating a strong tourism for our federal province. Our focus is the quality tourism.”

The tourism of Tirol receives 700 million Euro public sponsorship every year to improve its service.

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