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Peoples Party wins EU election in Austria

In spite of a loss of 3 percent, the Peoples Party turned out to be the shining winner and the absolute number one in the election for the European Union yesterday. But there were more winners as just the Peoples Party.

Also the candidate of Austrias biggest newspaper, Mr. Martin, was able to make a brillant result. He made the third rank with an incease of 3,9 percent. The Freedom Party doubled its votes from last time, and reached the fourth rank. If there are winners, there are losers as well. The losers of this day were undoubted the Socialdemocrats. They had to accept a loss of 9,5 percent. Only 23,8 percent of votes is the worst result in their whole history.

Now the position of the leader of the Socialdemocrats, Werner Faymann, is already in discussion. Some party members demand his resignation. Faymann just replied that the election result was “not pleasant”.

The “Orange Party” called BZÖ made disappointing 4,7 percent. Their prime candidate Ewald Stadler declared that he made a good election campaign without any mistakes. “But it was not possible to gain more votes”, he admitted on TV.

Also the Green party had to accept a dissapointing result: 9,5 percent. They have expected much more. The female leader of the party said that all Greens have to work harder to get a better result next time.

1. Peoples Party … 29,7 percent (-3,0)
2. Socialdemocrats … 23,8 percent (-9,5)
3. Mr. Martin for Austrias biggest newspaper … 17,9 percent (+3,9)
4. Freedom Party … 13,1 percent (+6,8)
5. Green Party … 9,5 percent (-3,4)
6. Orange Party BZÖ … 4,7 percent (+4,7)

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