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Freedom Party election campaign event in Vienna with riots

Wrought-up emotions during an election campaign event of the Freedom Party in Vienna. About 200 violent left wing protesters tried to break up the meeting.

Eggs, potatoes, beer cans and firecrackers were thrown on the visitors and politicans of the Freedom Party. One of the pyrotechnic article was thrown on the stage and almost hit Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. When the victims wanted to answer the violence with violence, police intervened and imprisoned two Freedom Party sympathizers.

Afterwards left wing protesters even wanted to take the stage. One of them wanted to present a banner on the stage, but he was not able to get threw.

Heinz Christian Strache delivered an emotional speech and was talking about Austrias third presiding officer of the parliament, who is a member of the Freedom Party. Strache declared that the presiding officer always was, and still is, an upright democrat. The third presiding officer of the Austrian parliament came under heavy fire because he has criticised the president of the Jewish religious community in Vienna.

Strache also wailed about the hard words of his political opponents against him. “They want to make us to the persecutee of modern times”, he said.

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