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Ernst Strasser wants to win the EU election

Peoples Party prime candidate Heinrich Strasser declared during in a visit in Austrias federal state of Styria, that he wants to win the EU election. Another target for him is to become the number one party in Styria, he confirmed.

The reasons why he should win the election are obvious to him. “We need a strong European Union who is able to control the financial markets”, said Heinrich Strasser. The Peoples Party of Austria should be the guarantor of a strong European Union.

The charismatic politican also wants to stop asylum abuse, and promise and quick and unbureaucratic asylum for anyone who needs it. His target to win the election is a daring wish. In the two EU election before, Socialdemocrats were the glory winners.

Also the agriculture is a big issue in the election campaign of the Peoples Party. More information about financial support of the European Union should be available. Even the problems of dairy farmers are a big concern for Heinrich Strasser and his fellow party members. We will see if his campaign issues will bring him his desired victory.

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2 Kommentare zu “Ernst Strasser wants to win the EU election”

  1. Chris

    is it ernst or heinrich strasser??

  2. admin

    It is Ernst Strasser. Heinrich Strasser was a footballer player in the 70’s.

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