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Increase of alcohol intoxications: Alcohol too cheap in Austria?

The leader of the workshop for prophylaxis of addiction in Vorarlbergs Western province of Vorarlberg damns the reviviscence of cheap alcohol in discotheques. The critical man even locates a “barbarization”.

He demands a discussion with mayors and public authorities from towns and villages with discotheques. Alcoholic drinks should be more expensive again, is the main wish of the bustling watchdog.

Teenage mystery shoppers should order beer and wine in commerce and gastronomy. If somebody sells such kind of drinks to those teenagers he has to expect a harsh penalty.

The workshop for prophylaxis of addiction makes statistics about alcohol intoxications. According to their information, alcohol intoxications increase dramatically in Austria.

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  1. Jelena

    I do enjoy these articles. But I wonder who proofreads these. There are a lot of mistakes in these articles. Of course, translating is difficult so I understand the challenge. Maybe you should try reveiwing the work after it is translated.

    This is just a “fun site” so there is no money left to pay someone for proofreading. I am sorry.

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