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Ruined Mother’s Day: anxiety about the Green party

Yesterdays performance of the Green prime candidate for the EU election and vice leader of their parliamentary group, Ulrike Lunacek, in a live discussion in Austrian TV, caused anxiety and anger among all political parties.

BZÖ’s EU election prime candidate Ewald Stadler said that “a party which want to give social benefits to asylum seekers in whole Europe and take more taxes from home-builders, as well as desires Turkey as member of the European Union, and wants to soften the laws for asylum seekers”, is simply ineligible. Stadler determined that “a vote for the Greens is a vote against Austria.”

Even the Socialdemocrats were not happy with Lunaceks performance in TV. “The Greens have no answer for the urging problems in our time”, said Socialdemocrat Hannes Swoboda. Swoboda explains that the Greens dream too much about jobs in the future. “But we need jobs now and today”, the Socialdemocrat confirmed.

Peoples Party general secretary Fritz Kaltenegger thinks that the Greens have absolutely no competency to improve the European Union. Freedom Party member Andreas Mölzer was talking about a “ruined Mother’s Day” caused by the awful TV performance of Ulrike Lunacek.

Also Austrias mugwump member of the EU parliament Hans Peter Martin don’t wanted to withhold with critics. He said that the Greens want to bleed every farmers family dry with their plans of a new capital tax from 100.000 Euro on, because every farm has more value as 100.000 Euro. Many farmers would go bankrupt, fears Martin.

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