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Agriculture minister Berlakovich wants more advertising for Austrian milk

Austrias agriculture minister Nikolaus Berlakovich from the Peoples Party visited the town of Dornbirn on Wednesday.

Reason of the visit was the claim of some farmers that something should be done against the milk price crash.

Berlakovich said that the only possible exit of the crash is the increased consumption of Austrian milk by Austrian citizens. The minister also declared that a milk quota increase in those difficult times is not possible. The regulation of the European Union won’t find use in Austria.

In the past days famers of the whole country were protesting for higher milk prices.

Advertisments for buying Austrian milk should motive the consumer to support Austrias farmer and find a way out of the milk crisis, promised the Peoples Party politican. The current slogan for Austrian milk is “a fair milk” on a plastic cow in red-white-red colours.

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