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Freedom Party not allowed to use quotations in parliament

Freedom Parties general secretary Harald Vilimsky is upset about yesterdays prohibition of the presiding officer of the Austrian parliament Barbara Prammer, that his party is not allowed anymore to use quotations in parliamentary discussions.

“Completely stunned”, was the first comment of Vilimsky after the new regulation declared by the Socialdemocratic president of the Austrian parliament Barbara Prammer. He thinks that the ban for the Freedom Party to use quotations in parliamentary discussions is a “self demasking” of Mrs. Prammer.

The concered politican of the Freedom Party thinks it’s okay if someone does not appreciate certain quotations, but personal taste and understanding of the ministry must be divided, he said.

Harald Vilimsky continued his press release with the statement, if a member of the parliament is not allowed to use quotations, the parliamenty democracy leads into an identity crisis.

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