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Kundl: Eagle as handbag snatcher

A 69-year-old woman from Kundl became the victim of a white-headed eagle. The huge bird snatched her handbag after a masterful power dive from the sky.

The Tirolean woman wanted to go to put some flowers on a chapel. She was surprised by a white-headed eagle, who is also known as American egale, from the sky. Her handbag was taken away from the huge bird, who continued his flight without any problems.

The whole scene was quite impressing as the white-headed eagle has a wing span of 2,10 metres.

Later the incident was clarified. The eagler belongs to a falconer and was not used to live in the wild. The bird escaped during one of his free flights, and has now problems to feed himself independently. The brown handbag of the 69-year-old woman looked like the chow bag of his falconer. The bird expected something to eat inside.

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