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Graz: thirsty Hungarian wanted to steal two beer crates from supermarket

A 28-year-old tourist from Hungary was caught in Graz when he wanted to steal two beer crates from a supermarket during the night. The thirsty man smashed a window and jumped into the building. He was seen by neighbours who called the police.

The Styrian police of Graz is known to be quite fast. When the housebreaker tried to escape with two beer crates, the policemen were already waiting outside of the supermarket. Now the disappointed man knew that his dream of enjoying several bottles of wonderful Austrian beer might be over.

The 28-year-old was arrested. Before he tried to avoid his fate with a short boxing match, but at the end the policemen were stronger. He was overwhelmed, put through the mill, and soon able to calm down. Later he was brought to the prison. It’s not known if the thirsty man got some beer there. Probably not.

If you are now interested in Austrian beer, you should visit the website: Maybe then you are able to understand the desire of having two crates of Austrian beer during the night.

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  1. Vanessa

    this is funny and very cleverly written!

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