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Austrias chancellor Werner Faymann wants to support Serbia

Austrias Socialdemocratic chancellor Werner Faymann met the Serbian president Boris Tadic yesterday in Vienna. Faymann described the talks as “frankly”. Main subject was the economic crisis.

Both politicans praised the friendly and tight relations between Austria and Serbia. Also the joining of Serbia to the European Union was a much discussed subject of conversation during the meeting.

Companies from Austria are the biggest investors in Serbia. Serbias president hopes that those companies are going to stay in his country, and promised that they will benefit from Serbias economic expansion.

Faymann also confirmed that Austria is going to support Serbia on the way to the European Union. He said that Serbia as member of the European Union is an important desire for Austria. Tadic agreed, and told that the EU membership of his country is necessary and essential. The joining of Serbia could solve many problems in the area of the Western Balkan.

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