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HC Strache: Obama should make Turkey to the 51th federal state of the USA

Obamas suggestion in Prague, that the European Union should accept Turkey as a new member, did not met the sympathy of Austrias Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. Strache declared that Obama should not intervene in inner-European matters.

The leader of the Freedom Party continued, if Obama loves Turkey that much, he should make this country to the 51th federal state of the USA. Then US-American tax payers have to defray the billions for the accession costs, and have to accept the Turkish immigrants who will unavoidable come to America. “But invitations to Europeans are dispensable”, confirmed Strache in his press release.

The policitan of the Freedom Party thinks that Turkey does not belong to Europe. Not geographically, not culturally, and neither historically. He underlined one more time that a country from Asia has nothing to do in a confederation of European states, and the European Union has to stop the accession negotiations as soon as possible.

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