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Stein: Lower Austrian prison has bad toilets

The prison of Stein, directly next to the Danube river, has bad toilets. Such discovery comes out of a report from the peoples attorneyship after several complaints by prisoners.

The official accusation is devastating. Those toilets are not just bad. They even offend the human dignity. Two prisoners have to share one toilet which has no physical separation from the rest of the room.

Another problem are the permament floodings with faeces in the kitchen of the prison. “This is a hygienic disaster”, was the comment of the peoples attorneyship in the report.

The Justice Ministry seems to be quite surprised about such kind of accusations. “All our prison cells have physical separated toilets”, said a spokesman of the ministry to the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

The penal institution of Stein is Austrias second biggest prison. 780 prisoners are placed there.

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