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Bregenz: men in ladies swimsuits are not allowed

A 24-year-old man from Bregenz was arrested in his home town by the police, because he was wearing a ladies swimsuit in public. Ladies swimsuits are a passion for the young man. He enjoys to wear such clothes as underwear.

Wednesday evening a police patrol has seen a piece of the swimsuit on the chest of the man. As the weather becomes warmer now, the man has opened his tracksuit. The secret of his ladies swimsuit under the tracksuit was uncovered.

Immediately the policeman jumped out of the car and tried to arrest the “swimsuit criminal”. He tried to escape but had no chance against the agile watchdogs. After a short chase he was caught. The police forced him to take off his tracksuit.

Their suspicion was true. The man was wearing a ladies swimsuit as underwear. He was arrested, thrown to prison, and interrogated. He told the police that he enjoys waering ladies swimsuits so much. He confessed that he was wearing the obnoxious piece of clothing for men in the last three years only 15 times. The policemen believed him and the man was able to leave the police station.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation did not report if the man has to fear a trial, or had to pay a fine for his heinous offence.

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