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Trieben: unhappy and violent about release from prison

A 20-year-old man from the town of Trieben was released from prison after 8 months, but it seems he was not happy about it. When he returned back to his family, he started to beat his 69-year-old and hampered grandmother.

Also the 51-year-old father had to feel the anger of his son. He received several punches in his face and broke down. The 20-year-old continued his rage and kicked him with his feet while he was laying on the floor. Then he took a knife and played with it directly in front of his fathers face.

When the violent young man had enough he called the police. The grandmother sustained head injuries. The injuries of the father were more serious. He had to be brought to hospital. The son was taken by the police to prison again. His freedom lasted only several hours.

– link: Trieben

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