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70-year-old man gave away 135.000 Euro

The huge amount of 135.000 Euro was given away by a 70-year-old man from Vorarlbergs provincial capital Bregenz. A person he never met before gave him a phone call and asked for some money.

“I am your old friend”, said the voice on the other line of the telephone. The 70-year-old believed him, althought he had no idea which “old friend” asked him for financial help. But he was trustful and went directly to the bank, and took the money from his bank account.

Even when the “old friend” arrived in his flat, he was not able to remember him. But he was still trustful and gave him all the money. In total 135.000 Euro.

After several hours, doubts occured in his mind, and he went to the police. Such a phenomenon is not new to the police. There are some criminals who are searching the telephone book for names which could fit to older people. They call them, introduce themselfes as old friends or relatives, and ask for a lot money. Only few of those criminals are caught. It seems old people are very trusting.

The police calls such a crime “trick of nephews”.

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