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Fritzl trial in St.Pölten: good for tourism?

The trial against Josef Fritzl is over. He has to stay in prison the rest of his life.

Austrias weekly newspaper “Die ganze Woche” printed an interesting statement of a hotel operator from St. Pölten in todays issue. The hotel operator claims that the Fritzl trial was a brillant promotion for St. Pölten as tourism destination. He thinks that the provincial capital of Lower Austria is now famous around the world, and will be overrun by tourists who want to spend their holiday in the town where the Fritzl trial was held.

Josef Fritzl used as a tourist magnet? The future will tell if the prognoses of the hotel operator will be true or not. But maybe the idea is a little bit tasteless?

Either way the tourism management of St. Pölten should be careful if the name of the convicted criminal should be used for advertising purposes. A restaurateur from the town has to pay a 10.000 Euro fine, because he put a certain dish on the menu which was named after Josef Fritzl.

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