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Fritzl Schnitzel in St. Pölten: 10.000 Euro fine

At the moment the provincial capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, is full of journalists and bystanders from around the world. The incest trial against Josef Fritzl is a true media spectacle.

A resourceful restaurateur in the centre of the city thought this could be the perfect situation to make good money. He changed the name for “Wiener Schnitzel” into “Fritzl Schnitzel”, and also placed a photo of Josef Fritzl in his menu. Now he has to pay a fine of 10.000 Euro for such an unsual idea.

At first a man from the municipal administration appeared, and forced him to remove the “Fritzl Schnitzel” from the menu. Later also the liquidator of Josef Fritzl heard about it. He arrived with an invoice of 10.000 Euro. Reason: the restaurateur has violated the personal rights of Josef Fritzl.

The operator of the restaurant is upset, but admits a mistake. “It was inconsiderately”, he said. Now his lawyer should try to reduce the fine. “10.000 Euro is a lot of money. I could buy a used car for such a sum. I will go to court”, confirmed the restaurateur in a daily newspaper today.

His restaurant is well known for strange dishes. Some years ago he put a “priest goulash” on his menu, after a Lower Austrian priest was sentenced to 6 months prison because he has collected more than 1.700 child porn photos.

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  1. æøå

    Well, it’s a bit in bad taste from the restarateur considering the victims in the case.

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