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Gmunden: family from Norway claims Ort Castle

There is a family from Norway who claims to be the legal heir of the famous castle in Gmunden. At the moment the whole family is making holiday in Gmunden again, and one more time they demand the surrender of the castle.

The first time when the Norwegians appeared in the popular holiday destination and demanded the castle, the authorities thought about a bad joke, or a film shooting for an episode for the TV show “hidden camera”. But the tenacity of the Norwegians in the case redressed all doubts. Those Norwegians really think they are the descendants of the former owner.

The story of the Norwegians is quite adventurous. Johann Salvator, who was one of the owners of the castle, died in 1911 in a ship accident. But the family thinks that he survived, changed the name in Hugo Köhler, and made a lot of children in Norway.

Now a grave had to be opened, and a DNA sample was taken from the corpse. This should prove the assertions. The family from Norway already spent a lot of money in the legal matter. They seem to be quite sure to receive the fancy castle.

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