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Policeman don’t wanted to pay for brothel visits: 6 months prison

Divorce and problems with the son because of his new girlfriend. A policeman from Vienna was searching for diversion from his everyday life agonies, and found his luck with young prostitutes in brothels.

But the 44-year-old policeman was not happy about the cost for such kind of services. He decided not to pay, and told lies that his credit card was stolen and someone else was having fun in those night clubs. The credit card company believed him several times, but after a lot of “stolen” credit cards in a short time, the fraud turned out to be obvious.

Yesterday the policemans party life was finally over. He was sentenced to a conditional prison term of 6 months. The 44-years-old is able to keep his job as policeman, but has to accept a wage cut.

His comment in court: “I still can’t believe that I have wasted so much money in brothels.” 5.000 Euro in one night were no infrequence. The verdict is legally valid.

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