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Too many mistakes in Austrian hospitals?

A controversial topic occurred about a new book which discusses mistakes in Austrian hospitals. The author promotes his work even in TV shows. He claims that Austrian hospitals are a deathtrap, because too many mistakes happen which cause death.

Doctors are upset and deny the reproaches. One of the complaints is that 17 percent of all patients have to stay unnecessarily in intensive care units. The name of the author is Kurt Langbein, and his book has the title “Verschlusssache Medizin”.

According to the controversial book a procedure on the bile is the most dangerous surgery in Austria. Many complications are documented. The medical manager of the state hospital in Lower Austria explains that the data of the author were not the newest ones. “We have reduced the intensive care unit stays after bile surgeries down to 50 percent”, says the manager.

A spokesman of the Austrian hospitals also confirms that decision makers have invented a new quality management.

“Basically a disussion about mistakes in hospitals is good, because it’s possible to improve things”, confirms the manager of the state hospital in Lower Austria. By hook or by crook, the marketing of the book was sensational, and will boost the sales figures enormously.

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