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4 years prison for 17-year-old for slapping a teacher

Lack of respect and violence against a Viennese teacher turned out to be a hard fate for a 17-year-old teenager. He was sentenced to an imprisonment of 4 years.

The young man was involved in a physical controversy with a teacher, and put him through the mangle. The educator suffered a scratch contused wound, several bruises, and excoriations. The eyesight of his left eye is limited since the attack. “This makes me angry every day”, told the teacher in court.

After the pronouncement of judgement the accused broke out in tears. His mother and his girlfriend fainted and broke down.

The teacher applied directly to the culprit during the trial. “It was real crappy what you did”, he said.

Reason of the conflict was an abusive word which the violent teenager has heard. He thought it was against him. But no one of the witnesses was able to confirm such a bad word against anyone of the present persons.

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