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Dietmar Constantini is Austrias new football national coach

After the shameful presentations of the Austrian football national team in the last matches, it was time to find a new coach. The new president of Austrias Football Association chose Dietmar Constantini as the man, who should be able to help Austrias football.

The 53-year-old charismatic connoisseur of the art of living is known as a successful short-term coach. There is also no difference in his new contract. The lenght of the contract amounts only several months.

Football experts confirm that Constantini “knows how to talk to players”. He always find the right words to get the maximum out of any player. It will be interesting how he will do with the anguished Austrian team. Constaninis first comment was not extensive. He just said that he is going to spend a lot of time in Vienna and that he will do the job.

In this sense: deeds instead of words.

Heavily pregnant thief in Lower Austria

Nine-month pregnant and still enough of criminal energy. A 17-year-old girl was arrested by the Lower Austrian police because she was involved in a housebreaking. She captured jewellery and money, and escaped with her three lovers by car. After 19 kilometres the foray was over. The police stopped the car and arrested all four persons. […]

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