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Josef Fritzl trial in two weeks

Lower Austrias provincial capital of St. Pölten will be the venue of the Josef Fritzl trial in two weeks. The arrangements in the town and the court house are enormous.

It seems the whole world is interested in the case, and the 50.000 inhabitant town is going to be overcrowded with media representatives from far and wide. “Medias from CNN to al-Jazeera”, confirms an insider.

The court house has capacity of only 98 seats. The majority of the guests have to stay outside. A large number of policemen should support the guards of the court house. Even the airs pace is going to be locked during the trial.

8 jury members should decide if Josef Fritzl is guilty or not. 4 women and 4 men.

Last week a theatre premiere about Josef Fritzl caused some uproar and disgust in Austria. A free Josef Fritzl marries kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch in this stage play.

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