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Austrias minister of education: teachers should work more

The plans of Austrias minister of education Claudia Schmied (Socialdemocrats) didn’t go down particularly well. She wants to increase the lesson commitment of Austrias teachers on two hours per week with unchanged salary.

Of course all teachers are upset and not interested about the idea of minister Schmied. But also not all of the responsible authorities in the federal states are very delighted about such an intention. The federal state of Salzburg is completely against the draft.

Salzburgs minister president Gabi Burgstaller (Socialdemocrats) thinks that Schmieds idea comes at the wrong time. The minister president of Upper Austria has the same opinion. “Two hours work without payment is not possible”,  says the politican of Peoples Party who was a teacher himself.

Only the federal states of Vienna and Carinthia show some support for the minister. Viennas education council Grete Laska says that everyone has to think about arrangements in times of the economic crisis. The leading BZÖ party in Carinthia is even delighted about the plans. Uwe Scheuch also demands that teachers should work in their summer holidays as well. “They should give private lessons and prepare their pupils for the next semester”, he confirms.

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