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Cheeky fox bit hunter in his nose

A 43-year-old hunter from Styria was the victim of a cheeky fox last Saturday. Usually it should be the other way round. The fox should be the victim of the hunter. Finished by his shot gun.

But this time the fox had something against such kind of finalisation. The hunter and his hunting dog were on the search for some profitable targets. When they met the fox, the allegedly victim don’t wanted to yield up to his fate.

First he attacked the hunting dog, and then he jumped at the hunter and bit him in his nose. The hunter was too surprised about such a impudence and forgot to shoot the fox. Also the hunting dog was a bit confused and renounced a chase. This way the fox was able to escape without any injuries.

The hunter was brought to the hospital in Graz. He received an anti-rabies inoculation.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Cheeky fox bit hunter in his nose”

  1. Mimi

    That is what we call business risk. There is always uncertainty in every venturous move one makes in his life, sometimes reaping unexpected amount of seeds ,some other times losing the sown seeds and also sustaining personal injury. The latter best fits what the naive Styrian hunter has encountered. My advise is, next time you go hunting, you hope not only for catching a dear but also a bite by a desperate fox. I applaud the fox’s courageous and determined struggle amidst a dog, a gun and a ready to shoot styrian.

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