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Solden in Tirol: 17-year-old Dutch tourist vs 36-year-old local woman

Last Friday a barbarous fight between a 17-year-old Dutch tourist and a 36-year-old local woman took place in the famous Tirolean holiday resort Solden.

The unmatched couple met in a pub. Reason of the fight was a 20 Euro note which both found on the floor. The Dutch tourist and the local woman wanted to have the note and no one was interested to share this extremely lucractive finding.

A fight should decide the new owner of the 20 Euro note. The young Dutchman tried to knock out the resolute woman with several punches on the back of her head. Also an ashtray was used by the tourist from the Netherlands against the local woman. The lady from Tirol stood tough, but lost the fight at the end with heavy injuries. Later the Dutchman was caught by the police. It’s not known what happend to the 20 Euro note, and the raging tourist from the Netherlands.

Ein Kommentar zu “Solden in Tirol: 17-year-old Dutch tourist vs 36-year-old local woman”

  1. Mimi

    Really bad luck for the tourist, to lose the opportunity to cover part of his cost of touring across Austria, especially in this terribly ugly economic condition. Their should have been someone who could arbitrate the dispute by taking few Euros as a service fee. That way the Dutch tourist could have made his way home safe and the greedy Tirolian lady could have escaped punches of a furious teenager. Surprising to see a lady twice as old as the boy, fighting to get €20.00..That’s really crazy! Egocentrism reigned over conscience, and greed reigned over hospitality.

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